Moan of the Day!

23 Jun

Ok waking up to a  yapping dog  is not my idea of an alarm clock, plus I can’t even bang on it with the flat of my hand to sqaush the the sound!

I have a dog, he’s a large dog called Barney, we let him out to do his business in the morning and bring him straight in, well actually he opens the door to get back in himself! Anyway…

What the hell is  with these small dog owners leaving their dogs in the garden to yap for hours? Do you think they are fed up of them yapping inside so boot  them out for us to hear?

If it was not bad enough having one yapping dog at the back of the house, but now someone has obviously brought  one and lives at the front of the house! Where are bedroom is, Double echo yapping dogs, ahhhhhhh just let them in your house for goodness sake.

I feel like opening my window and just barking for hours, see how they feel!

Alarm Clock - Double echo, yapping dogs

P.S Adrian Chiles still annoying, bumbling presenter…..


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