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Mother Nature – Thunder Storms

28 Jun

I am loving the flash flood and thunder storm. Turned off all the noise and sat listening to it. Why do we love this sound so much?


Thunder at Frinton

Turn your Telly’s off and just listen to Mother Nature for a few minutes and you will be grateful for life.  Lovin’ it.


Sunday Afternoon in Frinton on Sea

28 Jun

Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, where should you go……..’The Sea Front’
I love Summer, I love walking down the beach with my dog, but, I don’t like the tourists in our town so much……
However, look at our road, dead, no-one around, just sea breeze and the distant sound of the sea. Walk up the road onto the front and dan dan dan…………. Tourists.
It’s wonderful, love it.
We are sooooooooooo lucky to live here.

No-One Around. They're all up the Sea Front

Busy sunny afternoon